BMX Accessories

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BMX Accessories

BMX is a great sport, which has a few little “sub-sports” within it. Basically, when you buy your BMX, most hobby riders will be interested in BMX racing – which is really bicycle motocross – all the fun of motocross without the engine but you can go just about as fast and it’s just as exciting. Then there’s BMX Freestyle for any trick riders out there, and last but not least there’s Dirt Jumping.

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The BMX accessories which you will choose does depend largely on the type of BMX bike you’ve got and how you’re going to use it.

BMX Protective Gear

* BMX Helmet – no matter what kind of BMX riding you’ll be doing, in fact, no matter what type of bicycle you ride at all it is very important that you buy a well fitting helmet which has passed all of the standard safety regulations for your chosen sport. You only get one head so you’d better take good care of it. BMX Helmets are generally full face with an elongated chin and a squared off removable visor. They need to be lightweight for comfort while offering as much protection as possible.

* BMX Goggles/Sunglasses – you’ll need some good goggles or sunglasses too, otherwise you’ll be forever having to stop to pick the bits of mud and grit out of your eyes.

* BMX Elbow and Knee Pads – your elbows and knees are very vulnerable whenever you take a spill, so it’s a good idea to invest in some quality elbow and knee pads to save your skin.

* BMX Gloves – really important, even if you don’t fall off much (which you will!) you can scrape your hands against all sorts of obstacles while you’re whizzing about. Scraped knuckles can really hurt, just as much as scraped knees and elbows.

BMX Clothes and Shoes

There are some great ranges of BMX clothing on offer, made of lightweight material to let your skin breathe and to help keep you cool while looking even cooler due to the fantastic and zany designs. However, as long as you have sufficient protective gear and are just going out for a casual jaunt, it’s really not necessary, a long sleeved top and jeans will do, although it is great to look the part isn’t it? One important thing is, even in the middle of the summer you mustn’t go out on your BMX with a pair of flip-flops or open toe sandals. A good strong pair of tennis shoes or similar will be a much better option.

Other BMX Accessories

There are loads of other things which you can buy to make your BMX experience trendier and also safer. A good rucksack is a good idea, somewhere to put your sandwiches and tool kit. Yes, tool kit, that’s really important, what will you do if you get a puncture in the middle of nowhere? You do need to carry a puncture repair kit with you as well as an air pump or CO2 canister. Taking a small selection of other tools with you is also advisable.

There are some great sticker kits which will make your BMX look completely unique, as well as great ranges of belts, wallets, grips, lights – how about a camera to fix on your helmet and show your mates the view from where you were sitting? If you’re interested in doing some BMX Freestyle you can even buy your own purpose made ramp to practise at home – better have a first aid kit handy.

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